Application Name Registration

Before registering a name, please review the rules in About the Registry.

When registering a name: 
  1. Do not register multiple names for a single app. 
    • This will confuse developers and adversely affect the consumption of your app. 
    • Consumers will never see these names, they are code-level references to your app on embedded devices. There is no brand value in over-registering names or registering names for which you don't actually have a corresponding app. 
  2. Aim for simplicity and obviousness.
    • These are code-level references to your app on embedded devices. Customers will never see these names, only developers.
    • To the extent possible, your DIAL app name should match the market name of your app. 
  3. If you have registered a prefix, use it here: 
    • If you have registered a prefix, you should prepend it to your app names here. If you registered, com.acme prefix, your app names should be of the form: com.acme.acmeApp
  4. Only register names for existing first screen (TV/STB) apps. 
    • If you want to reserve a future name, register a prefix instead of registering an app, then register the app name (with the prefix) when the app is ready.