Use of the DIAL Mark

The DIAL mark is owned by Netflix, and is licensed separately from the DIAL Specification. 
  • If you are using the DIAL Specification, you may generally use the DIAL mark to reference the fact that your product implements the DIAL Specification. For example,  "PRODUCT XYZ is based on DIAL"
  • DO NOT use DIAL in the name of your product or in a manner that suggests your product is affiliated with, endorsed by or certified by Netflix or another contributor to the DIAL Specification.
  • If you have modified the DIAL Specification, thus creating a derivative work, you MUST NOT use the DIAL mark in association with that derivative work.
  • Similarly, if your product implements a modified version of the DIAL Specification, you MUST NOT use the DIAL mark in association with your product.
If you are interested in licensing the DIAL mark, please contact us.